The Lusophony Mountain Research Network (LuMont) has been established as part of the preparatory work of Mountains 2016. LuMont is an informal network aiming to promote information flow among researchers and research institutions and to create more and better opportunities for research partnerships, projects, grants, education, etc. This network is supported by the Mountain Research Initiative and will give its members the possibility of being part of the entire mountain research community. To learn more about LuMont visit the webpage of the network.

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Mountains 2016 launched in Bragança, Portugal

mountains2016_2 The event Mountains 2016 was publically launched on April 29 at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, in Bragança, Portugal in a session with the participation of the President of Euromontana – European Mountain Association, Juan Andrès Gutierrez, the Head of Research and Development of Embrapa Agrobiology, Brazil, Maria Elizabeth Fernandes Correia (through video-conference), the President of the Municipality of Bragança, Hernani Dias, and the Vice-President of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Orlando Rodrigues. The session was organized to announce the event to the local, national and international mountains related communities. Information concerning dates, venues, objectives, structure, logotype, webpage, and promotion materials, including the official promotional video of Mountains 2016, were also disclosed at the event. The session was broadcast through the internet. (more…)

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Mountains 2016 – Program of the lauching session released

The program of the Mountains 2016 launching session on april 29 at 15:00h has been released:

15:00 Opening and presentation of Mountains 2016 by the organizing committee, CIMO
15:15 Address from the President of Euromontana (European Mountain Association), Juan Gutierrez
15:30 Address from the President of the Municipality of Bragança, Hernâni Dias
15:45 Address from the President of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, João Teixeira
16:00 Questions and answers
16:15 Conclusion

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CIMO and IPB launch Mountains 2016 on April 29

MOUNTAINS 2016 aims to bring together scientists, farmers, decision-makers, NGOs, and other mountain stakeholders from different regions of the world to present and discuss major topics in sustainable development in mountains and other subjects related to the role of knowledge and innovation in promoting development in these special areas. The launching session of Mountains 2016 will take place on April 29 at 15:00 at the Alcinio Miguel Auditorium, School of Technology and Management, Politechnic Institute of Bragança.

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