Polytechnic Institute
of Bragança



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Eliana Andreia Pires Castilho Pereira

Junior Researcher
Group: Sustainable Processes and Products
Supervisor: Isabel Cristina Fernandes Rodrigues Ferreira
Phone: 273303532
ORCID: 0000-0003-2854-6745
Scopus Author ID: 55938912300


  • Since 2018: Junior Researcher at CIMO-IPB for the Valor Natural Project
  • 2017 - 2018: Research Fellow of the Mountain Research Centre
  • 2016 - 2017: Research Fellow of the REQUIMTE
  • 2012 - 2016: Research Fellow of the Mountain Research Centre


  • 2016 - in Pharmacy and Health, Universidade de Salamanca, Espanha
  • 2011 - in Food Quality and Safety, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
  • 2010 - Food Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal


  • Chemistry of Natural Products: Extraction, identification, fractionation and isolation of chemical compounds in natural matrices
  • Technology of Natural Products: Emerging technologies for conservation of plants (Research fellow by the PRODER project)
  • Development of functional foods by direct use or incorporation of extracts / fractions / compounds of vegetal origin (Research fellow in REQUIMTE and CIMO)
  • Biowaste valorisation. Optimization of extraction and stabilization methods. Bio-based ingredients.


PreVineGrape - Desenvolvimento de um biofungicida para combate a doenças da videira
Funding body: POCI-FEDER
Principal Investigator:Sandrina Alves Heleno
Start: 2021-01-01
End: 2023-06-29
BIOma - Soluções integradas de BIOeconomia para a Mobilização cadeia Agroalimentar
Funding body: Portugal 2020
Reference: POCI-1-0247-FEDER-046112
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2020-07-01
End: 2023-06-03
VALORNATURAL - Valorização de Recursos Naturais através da Extração de Ingredientes de Elevado Valor Acrescentado para Aplicações na Indústria Alimentar
Funding body: PORTUGAL 2020- SI-IDT - Programas mobilizadores
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2018-09-01
End: 2022-08-31
IBERPHENOL - Red cooperativa de investigación en el ámbito de polifenoles y sus aplicaciones industriales
Funding body: POCTEP – Programa de Cooperação Transfronteiriça Portugal – Espanha
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2015-10-01
End: 2020-12-31
AROMAP - Preservation of aromatic condiment plants
Funding body: PRODER - Medida 4.1
Principal Investigator:Isabel Cristina Fernandes Rodrigues Ferreira
Start: 2014-05-01
End: 2016-10-31
SteamRadSter - Food ingredients decontamination by steam and irradiation
Funding body: EUREKA
Reference: No. 9147
Principal Investigator:Albino Bento
Start: 2014-05-01
End: 2016-05-01
- Influence of the radiation process in bioactive compounds in edible flowers
Funding body: Bilateral action FCT-CNP, Portugal/Brazil
Principal Investigator:Isabel Cristina Fernandes Rodrigues Ferreira
Start: 2014-01-01
End: 2015-12-31
- Fostering E-beam Food Irradiation: Modelling and Validation
Funding body: C2TN/IST
Reference: 19220
Principal Investigator:Isabel Cristina Fernandes Rodrigues Ferreira
Start: 0000-00-00
End: 0000-00-00

Total results: 52
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